Ready, Set Girl Scouts!

This sounds like a great camp! How to I enroll my son? That's easy! Become a full-time adult staff volunteer and your son can accompany you to camp each day!

What do I do with my "non-Girl Scout" children if I become a staff member? Summer Magic offers a unit for preschoolers and boys. This unit is open only to the children of our full-time adult staff volunteers.

What is the Boy’s Unit? The boys of our full-time adult staff volunteers participate in many of same activities as the girls but tailored to their interests. For instance, we select special craft projects for the boys. The personality of the unit changes slightly each year and that is dependent on the ages of the boys who attend. We do know that the boys tend to beg their moms to return as volunteers to camp next year -- so we know they have fun coming to our Girl Scout Camp!

What is the Pre-school Unit? We have a co-ed pre-school Unit for the preschoolers. Preschoolers must be potty-trained and willing to spend the day in the unit. They do many of the same activities tailored to their interests and attention spans. Daughters of full-time staff members who have completed Kindergarten may be placed in a Daisy Unit.

Is there a fee for the boys or pixies? There may be a slight fee (around $50.00 per child) to help defray some of the expenses of these units.

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